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1971 born in Linz, grew up in Tyrol (Born in Linz Austria)
1991-94 study of painting, Kunstuni Linz (Fine Art Study Universtiy Linz)
1994-99 studies Audiovisual Design with focus on video,
                 Art University Linz. (Media Art Study, Art University Linz.
2009 working scholarship Stiftung Kulturfonds, Bonn
                 lives and works since 2000 in Berlin
Exhibitions (S: solo, G: group, P: performance)


     Welt, gute Nacht at Art Claims Impulse, Group exhibition with Shir Handelsman.


     Ginterdorfer / Klaßen Projects (G)

    Super 8 - MAM - Modern Art Museum Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (G)
    Figure in the forest - at Art Claims Impulse (S)

     `Imago` Theater Bremen (P)
     `hard Physik` Sophiensaale, Berlin, FFT, Dusseldorf (P)
     `Short + Short` Month of Performance, Berlin (P)
     `6 ants` Gallery STORE, Dresden (S)

    `Alive she cried`Galerie Zink, Berlin (G)
    `Berlin del Mare`, Berlin (P)
    `Kopffüssler`, art spring Bemen (P)
    `Rohrmensch` New Black, Danube Festival Krems (P)

   `City on the Edge`Today Art Museum Beijing, Beijing (G)
   `500 meters` Performance IC, Innsbruck (P)
   `Abroller`Rue Princesse, House of World Cultures, Berlin +
    Kampnagel, Hamburg (P)
   `Fatigue`Abidjan, Ivory Coast (P)

    `Pictures of the artist` Frankfurter Kunstverein (G)
     Solo presentation Vienna Fair, Gallery Olaf Stüber (S)
    `Form of Isolation` Gallery Olaf Stüber, Berlin (with Michael Höpfner)
     Solo presentation Art Brussels, Galerie Olaf Stüber (S)
    `Comunidad Ficiticia`Matucana 100, Santiago Chile (G)
    `Silbermann`Kunstverein Hamburg (P)

    'VIDEO PERFORMANCE - Methods of self-reflection'
    Exhibition Hall Contemporary Art Münster (G)
    Mediations Biennal, Poznan, PL (G)
    'Video of month # 40: My favorite pastime' Kunsthalle Wien, AT (G)
    'checkpoint berlin' Villa du Parc-Center d'art contemporain, Annemasse, CH (G)
    'It Happens To Be This' Artists' Houses Worpswede (G)
    'Every moment is a state' Galerie Olaf Stüber Berlin (S, P)

    'me, he and the others' with Knut Klaßen, Videonale at Kunstmuseum Bonn (S)
    'We learn hard' Forum Free Theater, Düsseldorf (P)
    'Fresh Trips' Kunstraum Innsbruck, AT (G, P)
    'Man seeks, God gives' Theater Aachen (P)
    'Reality Bytes: Digitized Narrative' The Dallas Center For Contemporary Art, Dallas US (G)
    '100 DAYS = 100 VIDEOS' GL Strand, Copenhagen, DK (G)
    'OPEN SPACE 2007' Art Cologne, Colgne (S)

   '100Days = 100Videos' Kunstverein Heidelberg (G)
   , Drawing cycle 'Emergency Room by Geoffroy Colonel, Galerie Olaf Stüber (G)
   'Gold Room Performance' Ballhaus Ost, Berlin (P)
 'Beetle hindquarters' Black Forest Institute, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin (P) Galerie Olaf Stüber, Berlin (S)
   'Second sun' Loop Video Art Fair, Barcelona (G)
   'Cyan's death' too much TV, Berlin (S)
   , In the Green 'EAMF European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück (G)
   , Draisine 'Aschenbrenner, Classes, Too much TV, Berlin (S)

2005, in the Green 'too muchTV, Berlin (S), Gulli' Gallery Volker Diehl, Berlin (S), second Sun 'too manyTV, Berlin (S)
2004 'Nori Gold' in 'Kluterkammer' by John Bock, ICA London (G), Nori Gold 'zuvielTV, Berlin (S)
2003, beginning, assembly line + death - 4xAschenbrenner 'Dengel Galerie Reutte (S)
2002 international video festival, Bochum
2001 2yk Gallery Berlin
1999, KIB 'old town hall, Linz
1995 'Der Schwimmer' Tronic-Artcore-Event / Ars Electronica, Linz (AT)
1994, Mokom 'Videoperformance, Aschenbrenner with Silvia Keller, Dengel Gallery, Reutte (AT)


2009 to today:
             Playing in the band `Road Damage'Experimental Guitar,
             Tour2012: Berlin, Hamburg, Leibzig, Jenar, Bremen, Bresslau, Prague, Vienna
2006, Chinese Synthesis Leberkäse'with Gelitin, Kunshaus Bregenz
2005, Studio second Sun 'Schwarzwaldinstitut, Buhlbach
2004, request 'Aschenbrenner / Jochen Dehn / Knut Klaßen / Gelitin, Atelier Bucher, Ehrwald (AT)
2002 collaboration work 'Gribhom2' with John Bock, Documenta 11
2001, Power + Fruits' Aschenbrenner with Anselm Reyle
2000, Observatory 'Project Workshop OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz
1996, Datacut ',' Rivers and Bridges' Kunstradio / ORF, Silvia Keller, Mark + Thomas. Aschenbrenner, Reutte (AT)
1995, 3 Video Signations' Art Pieces / ORF (AT)
1995, Ark 10061 'Danube ship project, Vasicek, Keller, Kahler, M + T.Aschenbrenner, Linz, Vienna, Bratislava



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