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Red Water, Mihai Grecu, 2020

203cm x 135cm.
Edition: 5 / 2AP

Kim Statue, Mihai Grecu, 2020

176cm x 132cm.
Edition: 5 / 2AP

Mausoleum, Mihai Grecu, 2020

203cm x 135cm.
Edition: 5 / 2AP

Fine Art Prints small (A3+)

Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle Paper.

Limited Edition: 20
Fine Art Print A3+
Frame size: L: 61,5cm x W: 44,5cm
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Neo Pyongyang 1

Neo Pyongyang 2

Neo Pyongyang 3


Virtual Reality Film,  production: Barberouse Films, 2020.


Tribeca Film Festival New York/Tribeca Immersive 2020

JIFA, International Festival of Art Films-Musée du Louvre, Paris 2020

The reflection of power

Experimental / 9' / 2015

This film gives a rare insight into one of the most secluded places in the world, the capital Pyongyang of North Korea. Slowly an unknown phenomenon dissolves this strange city and creates an unexpected architectural and metaphorical situation.



Huge abandoned amusement parks and abstract commercial displays are hidden somewhere between misty mountainsand windy fjords. From these places, a mysterious, colourful tsunami appears, which destroys the majestic landscape...flooded under himself.

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