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Using 3D technology and live recordings, glucose transforms our home environment. It represents a place where where physical distortions occur. The camera becomes the microscope of a slow mental slide show and captures precious moments of the perceptual disturbance. Inspired by quantum theory, in which particles in two places can be in an overlapping state at the same time,  this anxiogenic and humorous short film gives birth to new kinds of relationships between objects and their own physical
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Centipede sun

The birth of this project is due to the discovery of the Altiplano region in Chile. As a symbol of isolation,which is doubled by the sublime landscape and the complex spiritual background, this region is the main character of the film. It represents a self-sufficient being, and the film is the portrait of that being. The surrealistic transformations become a logical extension of the great strangeness of the landscapes. These places, which are responsible for the absence of any form of life known at great distances, undergo a symbolic metamorphosis that gives them an inner abstract life form. It is a geographical, mineral, colossal life form based on elements which are extremely inhospitable to biological existence.


Dry landscapes are filled with the traces of a meta-conflict, beyond all visible political or ideological issues. A continuous and inexplicable state of crisis occupies the spaces and the view and is turning pure mineral geography into a war zone. The history of oil takes over the history.


Absence, presence and aquatic distortions in this choreography of fluids, mysterious forces twist the laws of physics and influence the behaviour of living beings in purified rooms.


An abstract dialogue between men and black dogs. In this cold and hostile atmosphere their gestures and reactions create subtle tensions. Aggression and helplessness let the bodies mutate anddistort their environment.

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