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Time Objects


Sculpture and Photograph
electronic circuit board and Aluminium crystals
silver-gelatine print dimensons variable (70cmx100cm)
2011-2017 Petja Ivanova



a fabulation of future tech fossils, the work series ‘time objects’ refers to different concepts and durations of

time. the time precision in technological objects in combination with the concept of emergence and a longue durée of the

formation of crystals. These are crystalized electronic waste objects, the electronic waste found on the street in my neighbourhood

in Weser Strasse in Berlin, taken to my studio, immersed into different chemical solutions and just waiting to have the crystals emerge,

the geometry combine. not being responsible for the creation of the object/artwork itself but having the natural process in its own time

take care of it. Who knows, maybe in hundreds of years from now those objects will be found in the environment, as crystals are also

part of electronic circuits, the elementsare in the matter, they could keep on growing.



Sculpture and Photograph

radio antenna and aluminium crystals, macbook charger and
aluminium cristals, 10x80cm & 20x20cm
silver-gelatine print dimensons variable (70cmx100cm)
2011-2017 Petja Ivanova

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