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Surfing with... Anna Anders, Video + Links

July, 2020

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Anna Anders


Veiling and Disappearing

lecture performance at Gallery Art Claims Impuls Berlin, July 04, 2020


Anna Anders, Under Cover – In A Small Bed, 2018


Anna Anders, Under Cover, 2011


Anna Anders, Under Cover – Pillow, 2014


Anna Anders, Mondkalb (Mooncalf), 2012


Alexandra Ranner


Ryan Gander


Erwin Wurm


Miranda July, Shirt Dance, 2011


Thorsten Brinkmann


Daniel Arshan


Simone Häckel „Gespenster“ (Ghosts), 2006


David F. Sanberg, Lotta Losten, Attic Panic, 2015, short horror movie


Shirin Neshat, Rapture, 1999


Patricija Gilyté, Dèmesys 360, 2005


Simone Häckel, Verschwinden (Disappearance), 2014


Ori Levin, Nothing to Write Home About, 2012, installation


Michiel Voet


Chantal Michel


Anna Anders, Hinterm Vorhang (Behind the Curtain), 2011


Anna Anders, Hauptwäsche (Main Cycle), 2000


Anna Anders, Intruders, 2016


Anna Anders, Aus dem Off (From the Off), 2014


Anna Anders, Protection I, 2019

Protection II, 2020


Invisibility Cloak Technologies


Ghillie Suit


Bushman Prank


Floris Morlok, USUX@HIDING, 2020


Bjørn Melhus, I Do Not Belong In This House, 2011


Camouflage in VW Allstar, promotional clip, 2015


Camouflage in DPD, promotional clip, Du bestellst. Du bestimmst, 2014


Monty Python, How Not To Be Seen Monty Python's Flying Circus, 1970


Battlefield 3 (The Sir.Community), How Not To Be Seen, 2011


World of Tanks, How Not To Be Seen in World of Tanks, 2012


Halo 4, How Not To Be Seen, 2013


Hito Steyerl, How Not To Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational, 2013

Lesson IV: bei 7:15 min – 10:30 min


Indra L. Frings, Sick (of) Me, 2020


Darie Sisov und Hasret Uca, Hidies, 2025


Götz Füsser


Anna Anders, Trugbilder (Mirages), 2017


Anna Anders, Sous-marins, 2014


Maria Vedder, Surfing, 2014


Thomas Kutschker, Me, Myself and I in the Age of Download, 2010

PW: Me





Verhüllung als Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert. Dissertation von Britta Szidzig, Göttingen 2010



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