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Surfing with... Dani Ploeger, Video + Links

November, 2019

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1. Prologue

JCVD – The Epic Split


  1. The Dutch delta: nuclear power / warfare / bible belt


Borssele Nuclear Power Plant


RTV Vlissingen – “Schepen op de Westerschelde”




Allied Invasion 1944


Meerman Family (ca. 1925)


Jacoba Meerman gravestone


Landfront Vlissingen


Tietenbunker (‘tit bunker’)


Paul Virilio – Bunker Archeaology


Dani Ploeger – Look Inside (Regelbau 625B)


Nuclear power plant


“Clear as a Crystal Ball”


Jean-Pierre Dupuy – Catastrophisme Éclairé


William Verstraeten – Metamorfose 2003-2103


William Verstraeten – bunny ears


William Verstraeten – Twin Towers Igirama


New York Times, 2001


Sinclair ZX 81


CS GO Player profile


Retro user group


RTV Vlissingen – “Schepen op de Westerschelde”


Tamara Dees


Dutch Bible belt


Liesbeth Labeur


Giel Louws

(from page 8)


  1. Representations of violence: music / art / terror


Deso Dogg 2006


Carmina Burana, BPhil 2004




Abu Talha Al Almani




Dani Ploeger – Teaching Performance Art in Violent Times


terreur/revolutie in AD newspaper


Halle terror attack – Twitch stream


Hans Overvliet – Syrian Skies (1000 days)


Aernout Mik – Raw Footage


Ernst Jünger – In Stahlgewittern


Jerusalem jail raid (capture of Ahmad Sa’adat)


Live map


Ukraine Live Map


Gun trip


Quora – How does it feel to get shot in the head?


The Grass Smells So Sweet


Roland Bartetzko


Rambo the musical


  1. Technology and intimacy: Dutch public TV / porn / abjection


Prof Paardekut - Tongzoenen


Mevrouw ten Kate –De Ring



Die Antwoord – Umshini Wan 8:10


Pippi Longstocking




Zahra Stardust on XHamster


Australian Sex party campaign


Der Freitag


  1. Everyday technology and materiality: techno-fetish marketing / e-waste


Dani Ploeger – Report from the Heart of Techno–Consumer Culture (Philips)


Jelili Atiku & Dani Ploeger in Lagos


Mary Douglas on ‘Purity and Danger’


Joan Otieno


Greenman Muleh Mbillo


Joost Fontein


Neo Musangi


Remains, Waste & Metonymy


  1. Capitalism as frontier technology: delta technologies / labour / colonized bodies


Cozy Land


Phill Niblock – The Movement of People Working




Dutch East India Company for idiots


Venice garbage boats


    6. Epilogue


The Epic Split


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