Bilder einer Ausstellung

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Sound Image Installation
 by Wolfgang Spahn, 2014

100 years ago the Futurist Luigi Russolo introduced the Intonarumori to the public and Bauhaus Artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy created his "Light-Space-Modulator".
The first apparatus generates noise and the second one generates moving light/shade patterns. Both aspects inspired the installation "Bilder einer Ausstellung".
A laboratory like setup functions as the generator of both abstract projections and corresponding noise.

Contrary to the composition of Modest P. Mussorgsky "Pictures at an Exhibition" the sound is not only related to the pictures but directly taken from the picture itself.
The "Picture Disc" is a transparent miniature picture based on chemical-magnetic experiments with liquid iron. A laser scans the rotating picture optically.
After transforming the light beam in an electric signal it is modulated by an electric circuit based on an old analogue 808 drum machine. Additionally a camera
magnifies the images of the disc and projects them in order to frame the installation as a whole.

The rotating disk is created through minimal painting technigue using a physicochemical experiment exsiting of pigemnted substances and nano-liquids. A macro camera enlarges the image
and projects the image into the installation. All used techiques are developed and designed by Wolfgang Spahn based on open soft- and hardware technologies. (
The camera consits of a small Linux computer Raspberrs Pi. The movement of the disk is controlled by a pure data patch from the computer.




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ENTROPIE is a noise and projection performance by Wolfgang Spahn.

Both, sound and projection are based on different analogue and digital machines developed by the artist. Each system generates simultaneously structured noise as well as abstract light pattern. The invention of moving pictures went along with an artificial separation of sound and visuals. ENTROPIE merge them again. It makes the data stream of a digital projector hearable and gives an audio-visual presentation of the electromagnetic-fields of coils and motors.
All hard and software was developed by the artist as an open hard and software system (
The two cameras and the controlling system run on 3 Raspberry Pi. A Pure Date patch handles the controlling and a Python program manage the camera output.

Elephants' Graveyard

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Dead Media Slide Show

(160 slides, 2 carrousel projectors, video projector, sound sensors, amplifier, speaker), 2014

Two dying media, namely the classic photo slide and the monitor tube are at the core of that sound and light installation.

After flat screen came into fashion one could find more and more monitor tubes on the streets of Berlin. Thrown away by the owners and trashed by kids they were laying on pavements all over the city. Of these the artist took hundreds of pictures over the last 5 years and put them together for one last show of mourning for the TV tube.

At the same time the slide as such is another dying media. In filming the slide projectors and amplifying their sound the installation pays homage to that old technology. It creates a collage of sound and video that overlays the slide show and gives the impression of the last flickering of a breaking TV tube.

Collins Slide Show

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An interactive slide show 2012

Slide projector, slide, LCD, electric circuits, remote control

The artwork is based on a modified slide Projector. It projects at the same time an analog slide and a digital LCD screen. The LCD is controlled by a Paper-PCB version of an Arduino.
The slide shows a satellite picture of one of the most famous slide shows ever. Collin Powell presented that picture to proof that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destructions at the UN on February 5, 2003, to argue in favor of military action against Iraq.
The LCD on the other hand shows a low resolution shooting game in the style of a classical gameboy. The visitors can shoot and play the game by using the remote transport control of the slide projector.
Two complete different medias, an analog and a digital one, are merged to one projection. In doing so the depth of sharpness change between the two medias. The focus is either on the slide and the game is out of focus or vice versa.

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